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How to verify the signature on these pages

All pages on this web site are PGP signed, not as a separate .sig file, but inside the HTML code itself. To verify a page signature, you simply need to verify the signature on the source code. (view source + [ctrl+shift+d] with PGP default shortcut.

With GnuPG, you can run GPG --verify [html file]


As part of my GIAC/GSEC certification, I wrote a "practical" titled: A corporate implementation of PGP


My PGP keys

My current PGP key can be downloaded here, the fingerprint is :

       1072 EF2A 9D16 4C00 09D9 2B58 27F2 587A B300 7919

The previous one (not to be used) can be found here and it's fingerprint is:

       A39B 2F9A 0412 BACC D418 AD2C B41E C5E1 6AD2 7772



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