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Security books

Dr. Gerald L. Kovacich. The Information System Security Officier's Guide. Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998 ISBN 0-7506-9896-9

Harold F. Tipton & Micki Krause. Information Security Management Handbook. 4th edition. Auerbach, 2000 ISBN 0-8493-9829-0

Stuart McClure, Joel Scambray & George Kurtz. Hacking Exposed Third Edition. Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 2001 ISBN 0-07-219381-6

Stefan Norberg. Securing Windows NT/2000 Servers for the Internet. O'Reilly, 2001 ISBN 1-56592-768-0

Elizabeth D. Zwicky, Simon Cooper & D. Brent Chapman. Building Internet Firewalls. 2nd Edition. O'Reilly, 2000 ISBN 1-56592-871-7

Internet Security System Inc. Microsoft Windows 2000 Security Technical Reference. Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 0-7356-0858-X

Shon Harris. CISSP All-in-One Certification Exam Guide. McGraw-Hill/Osborne, 2002 ISBN 0-07-219353-0

Ronald L. Krutz, Russel Dean Vines. The CISSP Prep Guide: Mastering the ten domains of computer security. John Wiley & Sons, 2001 ISBN 0-471-41356-9

Ed Bot, Carl Siechert Microsoft Windows Security Inside Out for Windows XP and Windows 2000 Microsoft Press 2003, ISBN 0-7356-1632-9

Waren G. Kruse II, Jay G. Heiser Computer forensic : incident response essentials Addison-Wesley 2002, ISBN 0-201-70719-5

Kevin Mandia, Chris Prosise Incident Response : Investigating Computer Crime Osborne/McGraw-Hill 2001, ISBN 0-07-213182-9

Windows Products

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 1-57231-901-1

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Server ISBN Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 1-57231-903-8

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Administration Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 1-57231-904-6

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 0-7356-0999-3

MCSE Training Kit: Designing Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Security Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1134-3

MCSE Training Kit: Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1133-5

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Implementation and Administration Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1028-2

MCSE Training Kit: Designing Highly Available Web Solutions with Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Technologies Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1425-3

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1347-8

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 System Administration Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1247-1

MCSE Training Kit: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implemention Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1248-X

Ed Bot, Carl Siechert Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out Microsoft Press, 2001 ISBN 0-7356-1382-6

Thomas Lee, Joseph Davies. Microsoft Windows 2000 TCP/IP Protocols and Service Technical References. Microsoft Press, 2000 ISBN 0-7356-0556-4

General Computing

La bible PC Micro Application

Turbo Pascal

Jon "maddog" Hall & Paul G. Sery. Red Hat Linux 7.3 for Dummies. Hungry Minds 2002 ISBN 0-7645-1545-4

Diane Teare Designing Cisco Network Cisco Press 1999, ISBN 1-57870-105-8

Anthony Bruno, Jacqueline Kim CCDA Exam Certification Guide Cisco Press 2000, ISBN 0-7357-0074-5

Macmillan Technical Publishing Internetworking Technologies Handbook, Second Edition Cisco Press 1998, ISBN 1-57870-102-3


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